12 March, 2016

New Store In The Works

I'm in the process of trying to work on my
new site/ store for my kits.
I'm not liking them being on my HIM-Addicts site.
So, I've been working on a new place for them
as time allows me.

I have a few kits I'm moving over there now
as I'm typing this. It'll take time &
not all my kits will be there.
Some will be added to a 'retiring' area
of the new little shop & others I'll be bundling 
into packs to be sold for a great bargain before 
they too, are retired for good.
Those that I'm retiring there will NOT 
be added to my blog as freebies. 
The decision for that is simply that I
don't have the time to update many of them to 
make for freebies. And many of those kits
will contain items from other designers who
don't allow their items to be in FTU kits.
...And I try my best to abide by all Designers' TOU
no matter what. ;)

Anyway, in time, I will open the
new site for a set amount of people to join,
if they so choose- but not until I have all my 
T's crossed & my I's dotted. =P
And I still have to make a couple blinkies for it. 

Right now, you can check it out here.
There's a few kits over there now, as previously stated.
And- as with my current little shop,
you do NOT need to be a member to purchase a kit. ;)

Thank you for reading.
I'll have another post coming soon with a 
new kit that will be going into the all-new store. ;)
Stay tuned. =)


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