27 June, 2016

Retiring Kits- Great Sales

Okay, the title of this post sounds a bit 'cheesy',
but for lack of better words, that's what 
I'm calling this post. =P

Anyhow, over in my tiny little shop,
I have fifteen (yes 15!) kits I'm retiring.
The kits are on sale from 50 cents to $1.00
The kits I have on sale will not ever be freebies,
since there's just too many to update to
make them FTU. =/

The kits range in different themes from 
a few HIM-spired kits to a few Halloween kits.

This sale will be valid until Sept.,
during which time another round of kits will 
possibly be going up for retirement.

You can find these kits
in my shop here in my retiring kits section:
Going Soon

*You do NOT need to be a member 
of my site to buy any kits. =) 

**Make sure you go back to the page 
after purchasing to download your kit(s). ;)

*** Please respect my TOU in the zipfiles-
NO sharing, No ripping, no reselling,
No stealing the colour palettes & 
please No claiming as your own. 
Thank you. <3

As always, I enjoy seeing your creations with my kits. =)
You can send them to me at:
(remove the brackets in my email.)


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