04 September, 2016

More HIM-spired Kits: Vampire Heart V2.0 & Vampire Heart V2.1

A couple of years ago, I'd made a 
HIM-spired kit named 'Vampire Heart' 
that I've since discontinued/ retired.
Neither of these new kits are a revamp of that kit.
Promise. ;)

About a month ago, I'd gotten one of 
my two newer commissioned tubes of Ville Valo
from Arthur Crowe & for this one, I'd asked
for a layer for a Vampire look:

Obviously, Arthur did not disappoint. =P 

Anyway, I'd started work on a kit with the intent 
for it to be an exclusive for my site/ match for that tube.

Well, the kit grew & grew until I had 
to split the kits up. o.O
...And tbh, the colour palette I'd made for the kit
consisted of reds & violets together.
 I'm not really big on those two colours 
being used together, esp. in a kit. 
So, I tried to divide them the best I could. 
And I decided to make the kits available 
for purchase instead. Lucky you. =P

So, with all that rambling, I present you 
the first of the two kits: Vampire Heart V2.0
'Vampire Heart V2.0' is a new HIM-spired kit 
loosely based on the song 'Vampire Heart' from the band. 
This kit is loaded with lots of goodies, including 15 papers, 
90 elements, 5 frames & 1 background in reds, 
dark greys, black & a slight touch of violet. 
This is the red version- or the more 'Vampire'- themed kit. ;)

* Half the profits from this kit will be going to the band. ;)

This kit can only be found 
in my own little 'shop', here.

The second of the two kits is Vampire Heart V2.1:

'Vampire Heart V2.1' is another new 
HIM-spired kit loosely based on the song 
'Vampire Heart' from the band. 
This kit is loaded with 16 papers, 85 elements 
& 4 frames in light & dark violet, dark greys, 
black & a slight touch of red. 
This is the violet version, or the more music- themed kit. 

* Half the profits from this kit will be going to the band. 

This kit can only be found in my
own new little 'shop', here.

Sorry, but my Ville Valo tube is NOT included with 
either of the kits. ;)

*You do NOT need to be a member 
of my site to buy either of the kits. =) 

**Make sure you go back to the page 
after purchasing to download your kit. ;)

*** Please respect my TOU in the zipfile-
NO sharing, No ripping, no reselling,
No stealing the colour palette(s) & 
please No claiming as your own. 
Thank you. <3

As always, I enjoy seeing your creations with my kits. =)
You can send them to me at:
(remove the brackets in my email.)


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