04 September, 2016

Multiple Kit Purchases In My Shops & Other News

Most of you know I had left all
Designer Shops quite some time ago
to sell my kits in my own little shops 
on my HIM-Addicts site 
& on my somewhat newly made 
'Manipulated By Magik' site.
Unfortunately, the platform on those sites/
shops are on, don't have an option to add a 
shopping cart, allowing a person to buy 
more than one kit at a time. 
I had been asked by several people
numerous times if that was possible,
or if I could make that possible,
esp. when I have kits I am selling
for discounted prices/ retiring.
After a few months, I think I have something 
worked out to accommodate that request. 
On both sites/ shops,
you can visit the Multiple Kit Purchases 
area to purchase multiple kits.
Currently, there are four (4) purchasing options:




Please download & follow the instructions
if purchasing one of those options.
As a disclaimer, I have to mention 
that those are only valid for one time/ per purchase,
meaning they have a one-time use. 
To buy multiple kits again, you will have to
purchase that option again.
Since both sites/ stores are owned by me
& only have my kits in them, 
they are only to be used for my kits, only.
However, they may be used for any kits 
at either of my shops- so you can choose a kit 
from one shop & another (or others) 
from the other shop. ;)
* It must be noted that
these are NOT 'Buy My Store' deals.
I have never offered those kinds of deals,
nor do I have plans to offer anything like that in the future.

With that being said, if you do purchase one of
the options for multiple kits, please allow me 24- 48 hrs.
to get back to you with your kits.
I work a full week overnights & do sleep
during the day. I will get your stuff to you ASAP.
The other news I have is that the 'Going Soon' 
area on my Manipulated By Magik shop is gone.
I decided to move that area to my HIM-Addicts shop
and renamed that area Discount Kits. 
That area will have kits I have at 
discount prices. At some point, those kits will retire,
but they will remain in that area for some time, 
as well as me adding other kits to that area as needed. ;)

Thank you for reading. =)


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