06 December, 2016

FTU Wallpaper (Not Made By Me, BTW)

This morning when I got home 
from work, I had a message waiting for me 
in my Facebook mailbox.

Someone had bought my newly released 
'Christmas Treasures' kit & made this 
stunning wallpaper for me to share on my blog.

The friend who sent this to me 
was Lynne Ferdinando, aka Derika Lena 
in the tagging community.
She told me I was welcome to share it 
on my blog, if I chose to do so. 
It's too beautiful to not share. =)

With that being said, you are welcomed 
to snag & use on your own computer.
Just please please respect Lynne's work.
Do NOT remove her watermarks, 
alter in any way and do NOT claim as your own. 
Do NOT butcher/ rip this wallpaper to make anything new from it.
That is just tasteless & it always looks horrible. ;)

The wallpaper in 1920 X 1080 px.
Click on the image to save this 
to your computer to use:

Please stop by Lynne's blog to leave a little thank you 
for her gift & check out all the awesomeness 
she has there for you too. ;)
You can find her blog here.

Thank you again, Lynne for this 
stunning wallpaper. =)

Thank you for looking. =)

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