19 May, 2017

I'm Not Dead, I Promise- Updates

Sorry for the long 'radio-silence'.
I've been avoiding social media 
& have just been busy as well as sorting some things out.

With that being said, I do have an update
about my kits & where to find them.
As of right now, my kits are no longer
available for purchase on my HIM-Addicts site.
I have moved them all on my 
Manipulated By Magik site.
They'll be found under the 
'Magik's PTU Kits' tab. ;)
I have removed some of the discount kits-
since I have a plan for them,
but pretty much all my kits will be
at my site as mentioned above.

And I have more news-
I have opened that site up for members to join.
However, I'm currently only accepting the first 25 people
who sign up for membership there.
Membership is free & always will be.
As time allows, I will be adding stuff there 
for members only. ;)
My only request is that members- taggers or even snaggers
be somewhat active there.
If you can be active on Facebook,
this site is really no different-
except I won't be adding changes to it
that buggers up your profiles, etc. =P

There isn't any challenges or any thing of that sort
posted up yet, but logging in & getting to 
know the site, helping me with feedback, etc
is a great start. ;)
...And in time, I'll also be looking for a couple experienced
members for helping to moderate the site.

And in the next day or so I do have 3 new kits 
I've made & been sitting on as I've been
trying to sort things out, so be on the look-out for those. ;)

Thank you for reading. =)


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