08 January, 2012

FTU- Love wordart inspired by HIM

Since I was already 'inspired' to make a template, 
I thought why not make some word art, too?
This set of word art is inspired by lyrics 
from the Finnish band, HIM.

The word art is on multiple layers which will allow 
you to colourise, dropshadow, etc. 
to your own preferences.

There is a PSP & PSD file in the zip.
Here's a preview:
All I ask is not to claim this creation as your own.;)

Download here

I hope you enjoy these word art creations. =)



  1. Hi Magik :) Thank you so much for the word art and the template - gonna play with these later and hopefully my mojo will allow me to create something awesome! Hugs hun

  2. Hi, Hun!
    You are very welcome for the wordart & temp.
    You deffo created something awesome!
    I love the tag. Thank you so much!