17 November, 2012

Just a little note about my kits....

Hey, Sweeties! =)

I haven't been able to be online a whole lot,
but I have seen tidbits here & there about an issue with
some taggers charging money/ making profits off tags-
be it, always lists, etc.
With that being said, I feel it imperative to state
that my kits are NOT to be used in any way for profit. 
This includes charging people for Always lists, tagging groups, etc. 
I want you to feel free to make yourself and friends tags and forum sets, 
blog designs and have an always list. 
However, if you are using any of my FTU or PTU kits
for your creations, absolutely NO money is to be exchanged.
To make a profit using my kits is completely against my TOUs.

I know that most of you are honest & do abide by the TOU 
of all designer's & artists, but I wanted to post this
because, unfortunately there are some people out there
that are making profits from artists & designer's goods. =/

Thank you for reading this.
Happy tagging & keep it fun! =)


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