22 January, 2013

Valentines Is Cancelled Tut Update

I got an email from Linda. She wanted to try my Valentines Is Cancelled
tutorial for a challenge that is posted in a forum.

She messaged me because the template I used for the tut...
well, the owner has closed her blog & no one can access the download.
At the time I'd wrote the tutorial, the blog was open, 
so that posed a bit of a problem for Linda 
(& any others who may have the same issue).
So, I am offering the template to be downloaded from me,
ONLY for use in trying the tutorial.
All I ask is to please, please check the blog the 
template originally came from to see if its open before
you download from me. 
After all, she should be getting the downloads. ;)

With that being said, I would also like to state that I 
am not claiming any kind of ownership, copyrights, etc. for the template. 
They belong to the person who created the template.
And I do have a 'disclaimer' in the download that 
says the same. ;)

So here's the template, but again, check that blog first.
Thank you & have fun with the tutorial. =)
CBN Tamplate 159



  1. Thank You
    I checked the blog first, It said I did not have permission to view the blog. So I am downloading from here. Thanks Again.

    1. You're very welcome, Hun. Thank you for checking her blog first. =) *hugz*

  2. Checked blog first, and got this:

    This blog is open to invited readers only

  3. I checked her blog first and this is what it said "This blog is open to invited readers only

    It doesn't look like you have been invited to read this blog. If you think this is a mistake, you might want to contact the blog author and request an invitation.

    Thanks for offering the template here :D Grabbing it for this tut <3