23 March, 2013

FTU- Make A Bling

Back in January I had gotten a message from 
Nancy who was having a bit of trouble downloading
my blings I have on my blog. I had sent them to her 
& she'd asked me if I could write a tutorial on 
how to make them. I told her once I had a 
bit of extra time I would, so here is a 
tutorial on how I make my blings. 

This is a pretty easy tutorial, I promise. ;)

This tutorial is borne from my own manipulated lil' mind. 
Any similarity to any other tutorial(s) is purely coincidental.
This tutorial was written for those who have a working 
knowledge of PSP and was written using PSP X2, 
tho' any version should work.

Supplies Needed: 
Brush or bold text- of choice.
If using a brush, make sure it has strong lines,
same with the text- it has to be somewhat thick.
*Also, make sure whatever you use is 'okay' to use for making 
a bling if you're planning on redistributing it. ;)

Filters: Alien Skin Xenofex 2- Constellation
Animation Shop for the animating
Let's do this! =)

Open a new canvas of any size, no bigger than 500 X 500 px.
Flood fill with black for now so we can see what we're doing.

Now, add a new layer.
Add your brush or text of choice, using white for the best results-
we can change the colour later.;)

Next, duplicate your brush or text twice so you have 3.
Name them bling 1, bling 2 & bling 3.
Close the top 2 for now.

On the bottom one- bling 1-, 
apply Xenofex 2- Constellation at these settings:
Notice I have the random seed set to 25.

Close this layer & open Bling 2.
Apply the constellation effect again at the same settings 
except change the random seed to 35.
Close Bling 2 & open Bling 3.

Apply the constellation effect again at the same settings 
except change the random seed to 45.

Now, re-open all your bling layers 
& delete the black layer at the bottom.
Save this as a PSP Animation Shop image.
We do it this way, because if we copy & paste the layers 
into A.S. the bling will 'bounce' around. ;)

Now open A.S. & open your bling animation 
shop image in the program.

Next, play your animation. 
If you want it faster, select all frames,
go to Animation- Frame Properties. 
Add your changes & click ok.

If you wish to colorize your bling, 
in Animation Shop, select all frames.
Then Animation- Replace color.
Use white as the 'Old Color' & your color of choice 
is the 'New Color'.

Now, to save your animation, save as an .mng file.
This is so you don't bugger up your animation by optimizing it
so you can use it over & over.;)

Also, if you'd like to make your animation available 
for those who use Photoshop, you can save your bling file 
in PaintShop Pro as a PSD.;)

When finished, your bling should be something like this:
(Mine is on a black background so you can see it.)
And, if you'd like to snag my bling, you can grab it here:
Heartagram Deco Bling.

I hope you have fun trying to make your own blings.
I'd love to see your results. =)

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