06 July, 2013

CU-Okay Star Frame 1 & Star Frame 2

I have another CU freebie for you. =)
I had been messing around in PSP a couple months ago,
playing with shading, etc & made these frames.

The zipfiles each contain 1 PSD template & 1 example
that you can use in your kits.

These PSD templates have 3 layers: 
Unshaded, Light Shaded & Dark Shaded.

This is the first frame:

You can download this one here:
Star Frame 1

This is the other frame:
You can snag it from here:

*Since my CU TOU are updated, you must give credit 
to me in your own TOU/ credit doc. in your kit(s) 
when using this template, please.
You do not need to specify which item, just credit is fine.;)
Thank you in advance. =)

I hope you can make use of these. 
Enjoy the templates!! =)


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  1. Thank you I hope I got these Im new to this and Im trying to learn... Thank you so much