11 July, 2013

FTU- CU-Okay Box Template

This is another item I made for my Kurious Kitty kit.
This bugger took me a couple days to make &
get purr-fected, getting the shape just right,
being the main challenge. lol

I don't recall ever seeing any kind of element
that is like a box of dry pet food, cereal, etc.,
so that was the reason behind this element.;)

You can use it to make pet food boxes,
cereal boxes, etc. for your kits.

The zipfile contains 1 PSD template & 1 example
that you can use in your kits.

You can download the file here:
Box Template

* Make sure to read my TOU please. ;)
Thank you in advance. =)

I hope this template is of good use for
any & all of you who use it.
Have fun with it! =)