10 July, 2013

FTU CU-Okay Can Template

When making my Kurious Kitty kit,
I wanted a can for 'canned cat food'.
Not having internet to find any, at the time I
made the kit, I decided to make my own.
After about 5-6 tries, I finally came up with this:

And now I wish I had thought about it then as I am now,
when posting this... a can opener! lol
Maybe someday I'll see if I can make one.

Anyway, the zipfile contains 1 PSD template & 1 example
that you can use in your kits.

You can download the file here:
CU Can Template

*Since my CU TOU are updated, you MUST give credit 
to me in your own TOU/ credit doc. in your kit(s).
You do not need to specify which item. ;)
Thank you in advance. =)