22 July, 2013

FTU CU-Okay 'Full Sized' Box Template

I normally do not make full-sized CU stuff.
Typically, if I'm making a tagger's kit &
I think of something I can't find or
it simply hasn't been made yet, I will
attempt to make the item myself
& I have been sharing them with those who 
can find use for the item as well.
About a week or 2 ago I had posted my 
CU Box Template that I had made for my 
Kurious Kitty kit.
I had posted it in a couple groups on Facebook
& I was asked if I make anything full sized.
Well, no I usually don't, but since 
Shannon liked the template & she 
makes full sized kits, I re-made
the template for her & for anyone else
who would like to have a full sized version 
of the original box.=)
As with the original, you can modify it to make it 
a kitty/ doggie or even a cereal box for you kits. 
I really hope this is useful to you. =)
Unlike the other template, the zipfile for this one
doesn't come with a sample box, since dummy me 
closed it out in my PSP program when making this 
preview without saving it. 

This template is 1750 px in height 
& was created at 300 dpi.

You can get the template here:

Have fun with it. =)

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