08 July, 2013

FTU- Steampunk'd Frame & Extras

I have another goodie for you, actually 2. =P

A while back, I made a cluster frame with
my Steam Punk'd kit for you:

You can get this frame here:
Steam Punk'd Frame

I hope you have fun with this frame. =)

I also have a set of Steam Punk'd extras
for you that I made with the frame &
the always beautiful artwork of Verymany.

All I ask, is please do not alter, resize,
add names or elements to them.
Simply click to view full size then save to 
your computer.
I hope you enjoy them! =)

Have fun with the frame &
I hope you love the extras. =)

1 comment:

  1. Greetings from Australia. Many thanks for creating and sharing your fabulous freebies, especially the Steampunk themed items!!! Best Wishes to you.