08 July, 2013

More Awesome Tags From My CT

I always feel like I never tell my
girls enough just how awesome they are.
I can only say they are the best Team
anyone can have & I am blessed to have their
talent working with my kits. =)

While I was gone for a month & 1/2,
they continued to work with my kits and they
made so may beautiful tags I just have to show off. =)

The first group of tags I'll be posting are
tags & tutorials from May.

The first few tags are made with my
W.L.S.T.D. kit & wow! The girls definitely
delivered some goods.

This first one comes from Belinda.
She did an awesome job with the kit:
Her tutorial can be found right here on her blog.

These next gorgeous tags were made by Kelly:

Tragedy had a second play with my
Steam Punk'd kit with this stellar tag:

You can check out this wicked tutorial here on her blog.

And Kelly had a play with my FTU Pink'd kit:

Now I was completely gone in June & never got 
a chance to get anything into the stores.
BUT! Some of the girls still made some goodies for me.=)

Anna made this wonderful tag with my
Funeral of Hearts 1 kit:

Check out her awesome tut here.

Another tut Anna wrote was with my
FTU Summer Days kit:
Her tutorial for this fun tag is here on her blog.

Tragedy made two stunning tags with my W.L.S.T.D. kit.

This is her tag with the FTU Sampler:

Find her amazing tutorial for this one here.

And she also made this one with the PTU kit:

The tutorial for this beautiful tag is here on her blog.

And Jeannine made me this hot tag 
with my W.L.S.T.D. kit:

You can find this here on her blog.

And Amisha made me this tag & some hot 
extras for you with my GangStarr kit:

The extras I'd posted on a previous post,
but in case you missed it, find them here.

Make sure you stop by all their blogs to see 
what other wonderful tutorials they have for you.
And maybe give them a follow, too.; )

Thank you again, Ladies, for all
your wonderful tags & spectacular talent! =)

Thank you for looking. =)

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