03 July, 2013

Sorry I've Been MIA

I just haven't been able to be online for a while.
The past several weeks have been interesting...
Err... tough as far as my luck goes. lol

Over a month ago I was 'supposed' to be moving into 
my apartment after I got the paperwork all done.
That didn't happen right away since there was more 
issues that came up with the paper work...
So, I ended up staying at a friends longer than what I wanted.
... And unfortunately that friend didn't have a computer, 
nor access to the internet. 

Then, my computer decided it wanted a vacation 
& broke down a bit on me.
And of course, I had to wait for it to be repaired.
Sheesh! Talk about bad timing! 

I also had to wait for our internet to be 
hooked up after we moved into our apartment.
And of course they didn't schedule us to have
service until just now!

Then last Friday I got hit by a car
while crossing the street. Yes, I was walking. 
I had the signal to cross the street
& this idiot came out of no where & hit me! 
I was literally on the hood of his car & he was still moving 
before he half-arsed stopped!
He took off as soon as I was off his car.
I only got the first 2 digits/ letters of his license plate.
Yup, it was a hit & run.
I cannot begin to tell you how ridiculous it sounds 
even now for me to say it, let alone
the afternoon it happened- 
when talking to the police to file the report,
then the nurse at the clinic & then the doctor & radiologist.

I wasn't injured too badly, thankfully,
but my legs are bruised up good.
I'm still a bit stiff & sore & I have to wear 
a special boot thingy on my left foot 
since I have a small fracture in my ankle.
BUT! I'm on some strong meds for the pain. 
At least now I know I can take a good hit from a car. lol

I'm finally back, hopefully for good.
I have lots of stuff I'll be posting 
over the next couple weeks to get caught up.
I have tag templates, a couple tutorials, cluster frames,
some PTU & Free kits as well as some free CU items for you all.

So I hope you'll continue to stick around for all the goodies.
Just bear in mind that some of my posts might 
be a bit random-ish or seem like I'm rambling-
it's from the meds I'm on & my brain tends 
to get a bit 'foggy' at times.;)

With that being said, thank you for sticking around.
I appreciate all of you who stop by & follow me.=)

I have a lot to catch up on- not just on my blog,
but on a couple of my HIM sites as well, so please bear with me.
If you've left comments or sent me messages,
I will get to those ASAP. Promise.
I enjoy reading your comments & emails- so thank you for them. =)

I've missed everyone so very much!!
I'm happy to finally be back! =)


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  1. Hi recently found your blog and it is very cute, I am sorry to read what happened to you, as many people may insencible as you hit, thankfully these fine and only suffered a scare and minor knocks, I send you a hug.