11 July, 2013

Tag Showcase

I have an awesome batch of tags to show off to you.
No, these aren't from my Creative Team
& they're not made by me, either.
These fantastic kits are made from some
talented individuals who made some wonderful
tags with my kits & things. =)

Kim L. had sent me a message back in April.
She made me this wonderful tag & tutorial
using my PTU now FTU Sweet Tooth kit:

   You can check out her awesome tutorial

     Florence Z. made me this awesome tag with my
All Lips Go Blue cluster frame:

    Tessa sent me the sweet tag she made,
using my Swag Alley Blues cluster frame:

    Thank you again, Sweeties, for sending me these awesome
tags & showing me your work. =)
And thank you for trying my kits & things. 
I hope you continue to have fun with everything
I have to offer you on my blog. =)

If anyone would like to send me tags or other things 
you've made with my kits, frames, temps, etc.
you can message me at MagikD[@]live.com
(remove the brackets in my email).
I always enjoy seeing your fantastic creations. =)


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