22 October, 2013

Another Batch Of Stellar CT Tags- The Pumpkin Karver Edition

My Girls have been very very busy!!
And I have a lot of beautiful tags to show off,
using my Pumpkin Karver kit, and they're all amazing. =)

This first one is from Callie:
Try out her tutorial here.

This next one comes from Jeannine:
Her tutorial is here.

Kelly made me these two tags:

Tanya also made a 3 tags with the kit:

Betty also made a couple tags:
This second one is an extra, if you wish to grab it:
I also have this tag from Belinda:
She also has a tutorial for you here on her blog.

And this last tag comes from Mélinou:
Her tutorial is here on her blog.

Thank you, Ladies for all your amazing work with 
my Pumpkin Karver kit. They're all awesome. =)

Thank you for looking.
Stop by my Awesome team's blogs &
maybe give them a follow too. =)


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