22 October, 2013

CT Tags- Beautiful BCA Tags

Since I have a lot of CT tags to post,
I decided to split them up a bit. =P

This next batch of gorgeous tags
from my super-talented Creative Team
was made with my Pink For Hope kit. =)

This first tags was made by Alex:

This second tag is from Anna. She made 2 versions:

She also has the tutorial for you here on her blog.

Next from Jax is a set of tags:
This one is a tutorial which you can try here.
She also has a set of gorgeous extras for you 
with the above tag here.
* Make sure to leave love for them. ;)

And she also made these tags:

And finally, I have 2 tags from Missie:

Thank you again, Sweeties for these beautiful tags!! =)

Thank you for looking.
Stop by their blog & see what
other goodies they may have for you. ;)


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