07 January, 2014

CU-Okay Valentines Paper 1 Template- Tagger Sized

Last year, I made 4 Valentines (heart)
paper templates for Tagger sized kits.
One was posted on here as a freebie 
& the other 3 were in the 
Mystical Scraps store.

Since I had made the decision to not sell 
any of my CU goods, I thought I'd re-post the 
paper templates here for you to grab.

I finally got the 3 files removed from
 the store so I can start offering them here,
since I know some people are already
starting on Valentine's kits. ;)

Keep in mind these paper templates CAN
be used for any kits, not just "Valentine's Day" kits. ;)

So today, I'm offering the first one:
You can download it here:

As with all my other CU items (excluding styles)
I do require credit in your TOU or credit file in your kits.

I hope you can make use of this 
paper template for many of your 
scrap-kit creations. Enjoy! =)

And as always, comments are loved.=)


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