30 March, 2014

CU- Okay Amp Template

I have a Commercial Use goodie for you. =)

When making my Into The Night kit, 
I decided to try my hand at making my own amplifier 
for the kit. I think it turned out okay. =)

And I decided to make it available for others who may 
be interested in it or find use for it as well. ;)

This is a full-sized template. 
The zipfile contains both a shaded  & 
unshaded PSD template, as well as a 
full-sized sample that you may use in your kits.;)

* On a side note, there are a couple 'optional'
layers on the templates, depending on how
you wish to modify how the 'speaker' part looks. ;)

You can download this from me here:
Amp Template

I hope you can make use of it. =)
As always, your comments are very much
appreciated. =)