02 March, 2014

One More Batch of CT Tags

I have just one more batch of CT tags to show off.
In order to keep my posts from being too long,
 I have tried to  group them by theme. LOL

These tags were made by my girls using 
pretty much any of my kits. For the most part.

Let's get to it.

This first tag was made by Tragedy
& it is a stellar tag. She used my Steam Punk'd kit:
She has a wicked tutorial here for you to try.

The next few tags were made using my Pynk Panther kit.

This first beautiful tag comes from Ruth:

Corinna made me these cute tags:

She also has 2 sets of extras for you on her blog, here.

The next few tags were made using my Faerie Fantasy kit.

This first adorable tag comes from Ruth:
Belinda made this gorgeous tag:
She also has a tutorial for you here to try.

Corinna made me these beautiful tags:

She also has 2 sets of extras & a cluster frame
for you to snag from her blog here.

And I have these beautiful tags from Kelly:

Anna made this awesome tag with my FTU Emo Glam kit:
You can check out her tutorial here.

And last but not least,
Corinna made me these awesome tags,
using my W.L.S.T.D (When Love Starts To Die) kit:

She also has a couple set of extras for you,
that you can snag here.

Thank you again for looking. =)

Please stop by these lovely ladies' blogs. ;)

Thank you for my wonderful tags, Sweeties. =)


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