14 April, 2014

Magik's Tag Showoff

Okay, it's been a while since I've posted my
own tags, I think.

Some of you may know that at times I do CT 
my own kits, because:
#1- My CT isn't huge nor do I want it to be.
#2 I think it's good to know your own kits
& also show others that you're making kits that
you, yourself are happy to use as well. =P

Anyway, these are the tags I've made 
the past couple months using my own kits.
Some are HIM tags, some are 'centerpieces'
for my HIM-Addicts site & some are an
extra that was made for me to leave 
on members' profiles over there. ;)

It goes without saying to not take these tags
& alter/ change them nor claim them as your own.
Also, please do not try to recreate them without my permission.
These are only examples of my own work, only.

To start off, these first 2 tags
were made using my Faerie Fantasy kit:

These next 2 were made using my
Spring Fling kit:

Now, get ready for the HIM tags. LOL
For the first 2 tags, I used my Dark Light kit.
These were made for 'Heartagram Day':

I made this centerpiece using my Screw Valentines kit:

For these 2 tags, I used my CT exclusive
Dark Light #3 kit:

And i recently made this centerpiece using
my FTU Pink'd kit:

I have to say, this next centerpiece I'm quite
proud of & I used my All Lips Go Blue kit.
The animation I used comes from the band's
official music video of their song by the same name:

And last but not least, I had a few plays 
with my newest HIM-spired kit, 'Into The Night'.
This first centerpiece uses animation from the 
band's official 'Into The Night' video:
And another centerpiece:

And the last 2 are tags I made to leave on profiles:

Thank you so much for looking. =)


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