15 April, 2014

Spoiling My CT Again/ Kit Showoff

I have posted before how I tend to make
exclusive kits for my Creative Team.
Well, this post is kind of the first
of  'Kit Showoffs' as I'm now calling them.

About a month ago, I made a document
in my CT Group for my Team Members 
to fill out, describing themselves in a few words.
I gave them an example (mine) on what to do.
Mine was heartagrams, HIM, pink, black, goth, music.
So, they replied or edited the document 
describing themselves for me.
They did not know I had a plan up my sleeve. =P

That plan was to make them all
their own 'unique' custom kits based on the 
information they supplied.
These kits are one-of-a-kind
& will not be avail. for free or for sale.
However, I am allowing them to share
the kit with up to 5 friends, if they so choose.

So far, I have 3 of the kits made.
Here they are. They are named after the
members they now belong to:

For Belinda's kit, I had to make some 
special elements to go in it. =)
In time, those will be posted on my blog as FTU CU-Okay
templates for those who wish to have/ use them. ;)

And I will be working on 3 more kits soon for a 
few of the other members on my team. ;)

Thank you for looking.


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