07 August, 2014

FTU CU- Okay Basketball Templates

Back around March, I had made a special kit 
for one of my CT members who happens to 
LOVE basketball. =)

And when making her kit, I took it upon myself
to make my own scoreboard, hoop & basketball
for her kit. ....And I had every intention
on making them available for CU at some point.
But with being busy making kits, etc.
they kind of got pushed to the back-burner
until now. 

Today, I broke into my special little folder 
where I keep my 'own made' stuffs & took the 
shaded templates I'd already made for myself & carefully 
labelled the layers to each template & also made an unshaded 
version for those who prefer to shade their own templates, 
if they so choose.

* On a side note, there are a couple 'optional'
layers on the basketball hoop template, 
depending on how you wish to modify  
how the backboard & backboard frame looks. ;)

So this pack has two types of templates 
for all three items in it-
a scoreboard, a basketball hoop & a basketball,
plus I've added a sample of each item as well.

These are full-sized for the most part.
The basketball hoop is about 1700 px tall
& the scoreboard is over 1500 px wide
& yes the samples are full-sized as well
& you may use them in your kits.;)

I hope some of you can find a use for them
& can enjoy them. As always, I don't claim any
of my CU products are spectacular by any means,
BUT! They are usable. =P

You can download this from me here:
Basketball Template Set

And, as always, your comments are very much
appreciated. =)