03 August, 2014

Tag Show- offs & Blog Layout

I thought I should maybe post some of my tags 
I've made my kits as well & I also have a blog layout 
I did for a friend, using one of my own kits. =)

But first I'll post my tags. 
I promise there's no HIM tags this time,
but there is one HIM-spired FB cover.;)

It goes without saying to not take these tags
& alter/ change them nor claim them as your own.
Also, please do not try to recreate them without my permission.
These are only examples of my own work.
Thank you for understanding my rules about my tags. =)

The first tags I made were made
using my Little Flirt kit:

I made this tag with my Roller Doll kit:
And I made two tags with my Indulgence kit:

The following are Facebook covers I've made.
I also made matching profile pix, 
but I'm not going to post those. LOL
This one was made with Bitches Be Trippin:
Made with Indulgence:
Made with Dark Light
...And yes, this is my HIM-spired cover:

Now as for the blog layout.
First of all, I normally do NOT do
blog layouts for anyone else.
I will do my own & that's pretty much it.
I just use the tools that come with Blogger
& my PSP.

I have Artisteer (or whatever it's called)
& refuse to use it, since I visit many blogs that
are designed with that & they just do NOT load
correctly or don't look right. >.<

Anyway, Alisha had asked me to make her a blinkie 
for her blog. Again, this is something I rarely 
ever do. And I made her this one:

I used my Stardust & Moonlight kit to make it.

She liked the blinkie & then asked me if I could 
make her blog match it. Again, I only do my own blog,
BUT! I gave it a go & this is a screenshot of it:

You can see the layout on her blog here, too.
I actually love how it turned out. =)
And since I made her new clothes for her blog,
I also had to make her this matching siggy:

Thank you so much for looking. =)


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