05 November, 2014

PTU- Winter Cuddles

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This tutorial is borne from my own manipulated lil' mind. 
Any similarity to any other tutorial(s) is purely coincidental.
This tutorial was written for those who have a working 
knowledge of PSP and was written using PSP X1, 
tho' any version should work.

Supplies Needed: 

Scrapkit: I'm using the beautiful PTU 
kit Winter Woods from Tasha's Playground.
You can visit her blog here for information
 where to find this kit.

Tube: I'm using the adorable artwork of Alex Prihodko.
You can find this & many others at Pics For Design.
Do NOT use any artwork unless you have a license to do so 
& have purchased or obtained the tube legally.

Template: 704mpm from Millie
at Millie's PSP Madness.
You can find the template here.
* Leave her some love for the template. ;) 

Mask: of choice (optional)

Filters: Tramages- Marble Madness One
Eye Candy 4000- Gradient Glow 

Font:  Porcelain

Drop shadow: 0 0 60 12, black.
Save your progress often.;)

Let's do this! =)

Open up the template. 
Duplicate it & close original. 
Delete the credit layer at the top.

Delete layer 1 above the closed white 
background layer (if using a mask).

Working from the bottom layer of the template, up:

Copy & paste paper05 above the closed 
white background layer.
Apply your mask & merge group.
Resize if needed.

2- Select all- float. Defloat. 
Delete this layer & add a new layer.
Flood fill with foreground/background gradient:
Angel-45/ Repeats- 3
with #a2c4ce as your foreground & 
#1e5a76 as your background colour.
Select none. Add a drop shadow.

3- Repeat the same flood fill as you did for layer 2.
Add a drop shadow.

4- Select all- float. Defloat- Invert. 
Delete this layer & paste paper01, resized 80%.
Hit delete & select none. 

5- repeat the same steps, 
using the same paper you did for 4.

6 & 7- leave as it is.

8- Select all- float. Defloat- Invert.
Delete this layer & paste paper03, resized 75%. 
Hit delete & select none. 

9- Select all- float. Defloat- Invert.
Paste paper08, resized 80%. 
Hit delete & select none. 

Go back to layer 9.
Select all- float. Defloat.
Selections- Modify. Expand by 3.
Flood fill with #cbc1a8. Select none. 
Add some noise to this layer:
Uniform/ Monochrome/ 40%

10- Select all- float. Defloat.
Delete this layer & add a new layer.
Selections- Modify. Expand by 2.
Flood fill with #6a7b5b. Select none.
Apply Tramages- Marble Madness One:

11- use your manual color correction to 
change the colour to #4c99b4.
Add a bevel:
Then add a gradient glow:

Finally add your drop shadow.
Move down slightly in your canvas.

Next add your main tube. Resize as needed.
Mirror, if needed.
Move slightly off to the lower left of tag.
Move below the word art in layers palette.
Apply Xero- Radiance at these settings:
Add a drop shadow.

Next we'll add some elements.
For each one, I added a drop shadow to, 
unless specified otherwise.

e34- 79%.
Move below tube in layers palette.
Position in the top center of the 
tag like my example.

e58- 85%. Rotate 20 right.
Sharpen. Place as shown in my tag.
Move below tube in layers palette.

e46- 30%
Place in the lower right,
like my example.

e22- 50%. Place on the upper right,
like my example.

e20- 60%. Mirror.
Rotate 15 left. Sharpen.
Place in the upper right corner
of the 'frame'. 

e31- 65%. Place on the left.

e01- 40%.
Position on the upper left. 

e53- 40%.
Place on the lower left.

e59- 25%.
Place with the flower.
Duplicate. Mirror.
Rotate the second one 15 right.
Resize 85%. Sharpen.
Place with the other pine cone 
like my example.

e33- 55%. 
Position on the lower left.

e03- 37%.
Place on the lower right.

(optional) e02- 37%
Place on the top off to the right of tube.

e25- 80%.
Position as desired. 
Erase any unwanted excess.
No drop shadow.

Add any other elements, if you prefer at this time.

Now, crop/ resize your tag to your own preferences.
Then, add your proper copyrights & watermarks.

Next add your name.
For mine, I used this colour: #e6eff3
On the top name layer, add a bevel 
using the same settings as the word art.
On the bottom one, add a gradient glow:
Then add some noise:
Uniform/ Monochrome/ 40%
Then add a drop shadow.

Finally, delete the white background at the bottom, 
merge visible, save as a PNG & enjoy. =)

I made this tag for Millie,
as a thank you for her template:

I hope you enjoyed trying this tutorial
You can send me your results at
(remove the brackets in my email).


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