This applies to all my kits- PTU & FTU

All my kits- either FTU or PTU are for PERSONAL use ONLY.
My TOU MUST be followed, as you should follow any other Designer's TOU.;)

If using any of my kits alone for a tag,
please credit me as follows: Scrap kit by Manipulated By Magik

If using a poser that is included in the kit,
you MUST give credit to the designer of the poser- not me
(the copyright/ credit info. should be included in a folder with the poser(s)). ;)

There is no need for credit if used with tubes or other artwork/ photography.

There is a NO REFUND Policy for any of my PTU kits.
If you purchased an item (either by mistake or other),
you are NOT able to get a refund for that purchase.
Since these are digital items, there is no way that I can be sure
that you no longer have any of my digital kits on your computer.
I will NOT be scammed, sorry.

If using a kit in a tutorial, please link back to my blog:

You May...
- Colourize as needed.
- Resize if needed.
- Mix with any of my other kits (PTU or FTU) in your creations.
- Use for creating tags or other graphics
    (Facebook covers, wallpapers, etc.)

- Use to create layouts for scrapbooks, blogs, etc.
- Make backup copies for your own personal use.
- Make cluster frames as long as the kit is a FTU kit.

You May NOT...
- Redistribute this product (in part or whole)
   in any way: including cd/dvd, email, groups, website links, etc.
   Direct people to

- Supply (in whole or in part) in tutorials.
- Use anything in this kit to make a new kit.
   In other words- DON'T rip apart my kits to make your own!!

- Sell any part of this kit or make anything for profit
    using any portion of this kit-
    this includes tags & or Tag Groups where members must pay!

- Claim any items as your own.
- Change the filenames.
- Use or mix with kits from other designers.
- Create cluster frames without written permission from me,
   since some CU designers I may have used for this kit do not
   allow cluster frames to be made with their items.
   Please contact me before creating any clusters
   using my PTU kits.
   Thank you.

** Just because you downloaded or bought my kits, 
it does not mean you can do what you wish with them.**

I'd love to see anything made with my kits.
You can email me your creations at:

All items in my kits are made by myself
as well as other designers which will be
credited specifically per kit in my TOU.;)

Most important of all...  Have fun with the kits! =)