These are my TOU concerning my tutorials. 

My TOU are pretty simple, really:

- My tutorials are written by me- Magik.
 Any similarity to any other tutorials are purely coincidental.

- Credit is always loved.

- You may NOT print out anything for your OWN personal use.

- Do NOT translate, copy, e-mail, download (ie save to your hard-drive), distribute and/or make scripts/quick guides from my tutorials.

- Tutorials are not to be copy- pasted anywhere, nor shared in groups.
   Just share the link to my tutorial, when posting challenges in forums.

- No redistributing anything I offer as yours, in whole or in part
  (no stripping word art from temps, etc. to share).

- Supplies I may have for some tutorials can NOT be shared in a download from you, since they were created by me.

- Do NOT add my supplies to your own for your tutorials.
  Direct people to my blog for templates, etc. instead.

- Want to share? Post links to my blog, please.;)

- No re-posting of my tutorials as your own.

- Do not hot link, direct link, or deep link any tutorial images, or any other graphic on this blog.

- Use anything I offer (kits, clusters, etc.) for use on any kind of hateful or illegal- type of sites.

- My tags that are not tutorials are just for 'show' ONLY.
  Please do NOT try to recreate them. Thank you. =)

- Comments are always appreciated.

- Please do not copy my TOU verbatim to your own blog. That is plagiarism.
You can, however, use my TOU as  guide to make your own. ;)

- Enjoy! =)

* I have the right to modify, update or change these TOU as needed.