27 August, 2022

An Official Unofficial Announcement

Greetings, Darklings!

It's been forever since I posted on this blog. 😳
However, now that I have all my ducks
finally in a row, I thought maybe I should maybe 
make one final final post.

The last time I'd posted here I stated I was
closing this blog & no longer using it.
Of course, things were great for a wee while
& then shit happened where Adobe Flash
was no longer going to be supported & my
site I had on Spruz was sun-setted. 

I created a site on a server I'd had for a while
& set up shop pending Paypal to get their heads
out of their asses and to no avail.

Anyway, rather than go into a whole
backlog of the past year and a half,
I'd rather get to posting what I intended to post. 

I have my site set up to the best
of my own abilities, I have a different blog,
you may have heard about the MBM forum
& YES!- I finally have my Shoppe open!!! 😂

Keep reading, SweetHearts:

I know many of you have this blog linked
on your blogs & I thank you from my heart. 💖
However, if you wish to keep me linked,
here's a couple of my newer blinkies:

You can link those to either my site here:

Or you can link to my WordPress blog:

And you can also visit my Shoppe
while visiting my site:
On my site, simply click the 'Shoppe' link
on the navigation bar at the top of my site,
or you can click the little gallery 'Shoppe' pic under 
the main header. 😉

I still can't get Paypal to get their heads 
out of their asses, but I have another alternative set up. 

I currently don't have all my kits in the shop,
however, I do have like 54 (If I remember correctly).
I am currently going through some of my previous kits
and updating them to rename the items in them 
as well as upsizing the papers in each kit.
I am also re-creating the previews for all these older kits.
Not all of my past kits will go into there.
I am only adding kits made from around 
2017/2018- ish onward. 
All of my newer kits from 2019-2020
are already available in there.

Once I have all the kits I plan on adding updated & 
added, I'll be working on new kits.

And while I'm posting, I currently do have a 
sale in my Shoppe right now where all purchases over $5.00 
will have 35% automatically taken off at check out. 

So stop by my site, update your links to me
& give me a visit. 😊

Thank you for reading. Have a great day! 💖
Stay safe & make good choices! 😘


11 November, 2019

Just A Head's Up

Good Evening!

I've been doing a lot of thinking
and I've decided that at the end of this year
I'm going to be closing this blog.

There's a few reasons for this,
but the main reason I have decided to 
close this blog is because I have a blog
on my site where I post my kit releases,
freebies, etc. since it's on my site 
where my shop is at and it just makes more sense
to close this blog instead of continuing to post 
on two different blogs.

Another reason for closing this blog
is because of the issues I've had
in the past with kit rippers, tag rippers, etc.
Having everything posted on my site,
gives me control to make areas private
& closed off to the public, if a need arises.
I can have control of my work, essentially. 

BUT! No worries. 
I spent most of last week re-posting 
all of my FTU goodie posts & tutorial
posts over on my site so nothing from here will be missed. ;)

You can find my site, here: Manipulated By Magik
and yes, it is my old HIM-Addicts url. lol
Most importantly, my blog over there is here.

And I have hopefully made everything easy
for you all to still have access to freebies so 
you don't have to be a member there- though,
you're more than welcome to join.

If you visit the site & you're looking for my freebies,
on the navigation bar over there, there is a tab named 
'Magik's Freebies'. If you you hover your mouse over that
tab, there should be drop-down tabs that are self-explanatory
for finding the good stuff. 
Everything on those pages are linked to updated 
posts on my blog over there. ;)

As for the tutorials- again, on that
navigation bar, on the 'Blog' tab,
there should be two drop-down tabs-
one for my FTU Tutorials & the other for 
the PTU tutorials. Everything on those pages
will take you to links in a small area of my forum
over there I've made public for non-members to access. ;)

As for the blog itself, you can browse it by clicking
on the categories that's on the right of the blog posts.
And the search area on the blog should work too
to help you with what you're looking for. ;)

If you're a forum owner, moderator or just 
a member, you may want to give a head's up 
on your forums to let them know as well, esp. if 
any of my freebies are used for weekly challenges. 
I'm hoping the way I have things set up over there
will be easier for all of you to find posts
for FTU kits, etc. for your weekly challenges.  

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 
Thank you for following me on here
all these years. Thank you for all your wonderful
comments on here as well. You all RAWK!!!

Thank you for reading... and your patience.

I hope you'll still pay me a visit on my site. =)