24 September, 2013

More CT Tags For Sept. & Another Set Of Posers From Tammy

I'm back with another stellar set of CT tags to show off.
I also have a few other things to post as well. ;)

Beware- this post is full of stellar, awesome, beautiful,
gorgeous, fab, stunning tags made by some
equally stellar, awesome, beautiful,
gorgeous, fab, stunning & talented ladies. =)

The first tags I'm going to post are
made from my Trapped In Autumn series. 
Mélinou made this gorgeous tag with my Synkkä kit:
You can find this amazing tutorial on her blog here.

I also have this beautiful tag from Scribbles (Samii) 
using the same kit:
Find her stellar tutorial here.

Tragedy made me this awesome tag with Lisäetu.
This is the bonus kit in the TIA bundle at Mystical Scraps:
Find her sweet mini-tutorial here.

And I have these beautiful tags from Tanya
using the Valoisa kit:

She also has these beautiful tags posted on her blog here.

The next couple of gorgeous tags comes from Jax.
She used my Stardust & Moonlight kit:
You can also check out this gorgeous tag on her blog here.

Jax also made this fab tag & it's a tutorial too:
Check out her awesome tutorial here.

Kelly made my this fab tag with my Autumn Festival kit:

Scribbles made me this stunning tag with my 
Autumn Festival kit:
Find her fab tutorial with the kit here.

Ruth made me this gorgeous tag with my 
All Lips Go Blue kit:
And Finally, for CT tags, I have some
beautiful creations with my Pink For Hope kit.

This first gorgeous tag is from Belinda:
You can try her fab tutorial here on her blog.

Ruth made me this stunning tag:
And Mélinou made this awesome cluster frame...
but it's a tutorial for you to make your own:
Try out her tutorial to make your own frame here.

Now, I have some tags that were made with
my kits to show off. These are amazing!

When Jax applied to my CT Call her & I 
had a couple messages back & forth in email.
She gave me 2 beautiful tags that she had made with 
my FTU kits... after I told her she had a spot 
on my CT. LOL

This first one was made from my
now FTU Cyber Cat kit. She tried Anna's tutorial. 
Isn't it gorgeous?

She used my Pink'd kit for this fab tag. I love it. =)

I also have an awesome tag from Shani of 
Wicked Princess Scraps. She used my Creative Chicks 
exclusive, Rockin' Out'. Isn't this stellar?

And a friend on Facebook, Angela made me this
wicked cool tag with my Boo-Tastic freebie.
It's absolutely beautiful. 

And last but definitely not least, Tammy made 
these stunning posers with my Boo-Tastic kit:
You can find these on her blog here.
Click 'Scrap' & scroll to the bottom of the page.;)
She also made this beautiful tag with one of her 
posers & my kit & sent it to my email:
Thank you again, Tammy for making 
these awesome Posers & showing me. =)

Also, thank you to my awesomely talented CT Girls 
for all the amazing work they do. =)

And thank you to Angela & Shani for their 
awesome tags with my kits, too.=)

Thank you for looking. =)
Stop by the blogs of my CT Ladies-
try a tutorial, be inspired & maybe give them a follow, too.;)


21 September, 2013

Pink For Hope- Only At Thrifty Scraps

I have been wanting to make a BCA kit
for some time now with the hopes some
good can come from it.

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness 
month & a lot of drama in the PSP community
lately, I wanted to do something positive
& also help a good cause.

I decided to take the time to make this
kit in honour of all the brave women who have 
battled Breast Cancer in the past & even now.

So, I present to you Pink For Hope:
This kit is filled with 11 papers, 45 elements & 4 frames 
in pinks, white & light greys for some pretty 
& stunning BCA tags. 

And I have this kit at Thrifty Scraps for $1.00.
I cannot, in good conscience, accept any money 
from the sales of this kit, so
every dollar from this kit are going to the 

So please, help support this cause to help fight Breast Cancer.

You can only find the kit here at Thrifty Scraps.

As always, I enjoy seeing your creations with my kits.
You can send them to me at:
(remove the brackets in my email.)
so I can show them off for you. ;)

I hope you enjoy this kit.=)

16 September, 2013

CT August

Ct'd by Ruth, PTU: Dark Light
(This kit was an exclusive kit for Magik's Dark Light 
forum & is not available except to her CT.)
Tube by Elias Chatzoudis, http://www.elias-design.dr
Ct'd by Amber, PTU; Swag Alley Blues
Both tubes by Keith Garvey, http://garvgraphx.com

CT'd by Toxik Juice PTU: Autumn Festival
Tube by Keith Garvey, http://garvgraphx.com

Tube by Barbara Jensen, http://barbarajensentubes.com

CT'd by Betty, PTU: His Toy
Tube by Verymany, http://picsfordesign.com

Tuby by Keith Garvey, http://garvgraphx.com

Extra of cluster frame you can find Here.

Check This Out- Awesome Posers

I got a comment on one of my blog posts
for my FTU Skull-Tastic kit.
Tamara (Tammy) Widitz made these awesome 
posers that match perfectly with my kit. =)

To be honest, I am quite flattered she chose one
of my kits to make posers with. =)

First of all here's the kit:
The download link is posted here.

And this is one of Tamara's posers
(I sized it down & put it on a background):
You can check this out on here blog here.
Now right above her preview of this tube,
click where it says 'Scrap'.
There's some more beautiful tubes 
that are inspired by kits.

The ones she made for Skull-Tastic is almost
halfway down the page.;)

These are FTU. Please leave her some love
if you grab any of them. ;)
Also, make sure to check out her
FAQ page so you know how to credit her.;)

Thank you for checking her out.=)

Thank you again, Tammy for showing
me your beautiful creations. 
These are brilliant, Sweetie. =)


15 September, 2013

FTU Kit- Boo Crew

First of all, I'm not going to lie-
I have been debating with myself
on offering any more free kits for a while,
considering of what has been going on...

BUT! I really don't want to 'feel' like I'm 
punishing others because of someone
else's wrong-doings. 
So, I have a free kit for you all.

Now, I haven't really started on making any Halloween kits,
but this one was made last year for when I was
in the Scrap-A-Licious store & it was my part of a
collab for the store. Tbh, I have no idea if the
collab was even made available in the store, 
so this might be 'new' to all of you. LOL

And of course, with me, I tend to have this 'issue'
 with making my parts of collabs
rather 'big'. This kit has 15 papers,
63 elements & 4 frames. 

I hope you have fun with it. =)

You can grab this here:

As always, I enjoy seeing your creations with my kits.
You can send them to me at:
(remove the brackets in my email.)

13 September, 2013

Ct tags

A Friendly Reminder: 
CT'd/Tut by Tragedy, PTU: Trapped In Autumn Synkkä
Tube by Ida Larsen, http://www.ida-larsen-art.com
Tut here.

Ct'd/tut By Tragedy, PTU: Trapped In Autumn Valoisa
Tube by Zindy D. Nielsen, http://zindy-zone.com
Tut here.

CT/Tut by Jeannine, PTU: Trapped In Autumn Synkkä
Tube by Alex Prihodko, http://picsfordesign.com
Tut can be found here.

Ct'd/tut by Belinda, PTU: Trapped In Autumn Lisaetu
Tube by Alex Prihodko, http://picsfordesign.com
Tut here.

CT/tut by Belinda, PTU: Trapped In Autumn Valoisa
Tube by Marika, http://lovemarika.weebly.com
Tut here.

Ct'd by Belinda, PTU: Trapped In Autumn Synkkä
Tut can be found here
Tube by Gaetano Di Falco, http://www.gaetanodifalco.com

Ct'd by Ruth, PTU: Trapped In Autumn Valoisa
Tube by Zindy, http://zindy-zone.dk

CT'd by Ruth, PTU:  Trapped In Autumn Synkkä
Tube by The Hunter, http://www.scrapsandthecity.com
Ct'd by Melinou, PTU: Little Sweet Tooth
Poser by Render Hanny's Design
Tut can be found here.

CT'd by Kelly, PTU: Autumn Festival
Tube by Arthur Crowe, http://arthurcrowesfactory.com
CT'd/tut by Anne, FTU: Happy Haunting Add On
Tube by Alehandra Vanhek, http://picsfordesign.com
Tut here.
CT'd/tut by Anne, PTU: Autumn Festival
Tube by Elle Milk, http://picsfordesign.com
Tut here.
Ct'd/tut by Belinda, PTU: Autumn Festival
Tube by Arthur Crowe, http://arthurcrowesfactory.com
Tut here.