30 March, 2014

CU- Okay Amp Template

I have a Commercial Use goodie for you. =)

When making my Into The Night kit, 
I decided to try my hand at making my own amplifier 
for the kit. I think it turned out okay. =)

And I decided to make it available for others who may 
be interested in it or find use for it as well. ;)

This is a full-sized template. 
The zipfile contains both a shaded  & 
unshaded PSD template, as well as a 
full-sized sample that you may use in your kits.;)

* On a side note, there are a couple 'optional'
layers on the templates, depending on how
you wish to modify how the 'speaker' part looks. ;)

You can download this from me here:
Amp Template

I hope you can make use of it. =)
As always, your comments are very much
appreciated. =)


New HIM-spired Kit Finally In Stores- Into The Night

I'm back with another HIM-spired kit. =) 

I have to admit, hands down, I think 
this is the prettiest HIM-spired kit I've made to date. =P

Into The Night is a kit based off HIM's song by the same
name which is on their 2013 Tears On Tape album.

This is a stunning goth/ rock kit, for some truly breathtaking tags. 
This kit is packed with 18 papers, 105 elements, 8 frames & 
1 background in pretty pastel pinks & lavenders with
purple, dreamy blue & dark blueish purples that I hope you'll love. =)

You can find this kit either at Mystical Scraps here
or Pics For Design here.

And yes, like all my other HIM-spired kits,
half the profits from this kit will be going to 
the band. ;)

I enjoy seeing your creations with my kits.
You can send them to me at:
(remove the brackets in my email.)


28 March, 2014

Tag Showoff for Dance In The Rain

I'm happy to say I'm now on the
Dance In The Rain Creative Team.

And this is my first tags. =)

Both these tags were made, using the 
Easter Fairyland kit, which you can find at
PFD here.

This is a fun kit for your fantasy & Easter tags.
It is full of 99 unique elements, 8 posers 
 8 frames, 11 papers, 5 word awesome arts. =)

This first tag was made using the wonderful
artwork of the late, great Al Rio & my template 0038:

For this second tag, I used the always fab
artwork of Elias Chatzoudis:

Thank you for looking. =)

FTU- Tag Template 0038

I have a new template for you.
This one is Easter themed. =)

The inspiration for this template comes 
from Corinna at Dance In The Rain & her 
Easter Fairyland kit, which you can find at PFD, here.

The zipfile contains both a PSP & PSD template:

You can grab this from me, here:

As always, have fun with the template. =)


22 March, 2014

New Kit In Stores- Bunny Trail & Cluster Frame Freebie

First of all, I think I have been slacking lately with
doing much of anything. My Carpal Tunnel
has been really bad the past couple weeks,
so it's been hard doing much of anything,
let alone type. 
I do have a new kit in stores... finally.
I made this kit about 3 weeks ago (roughly)
& I just now got it into stores.
I know, bad Magik, bad! LOL

Anyhow... Bunny Trail is a 
beautiful & fun Easter/ Spring- themed kit.
It's filled with 14 papers, 60 elements & 6 frames 
for your Easter tags, in greens, pink, lilac & orange.
This kit can be found in all my stores 
located on the right. ;)

...And to make sure you don't leave 
'empty-handed', I made a cluster frame
late last night/ early this morning for you:
The frame is a PNG, so it should work in any
program you use.
You can grab that here:

As always, I enjoy seeing your creations with my kits.
You can send them to me at:
(remove the brackets in my email.)

Enjoy the frame. =)


21 March, 2014

Spoiling my Creative Team

In the past I had made a kit for my Ct for only them,
mainly a 'test' kit because I had changed monitors
& wanted them to look & see how the kit looked.

Since then I have given them old forum exclusive 
kits I made for my Dark Light forum & recently
made this kit for them only:
This kit was supposed to go into my Dark Light 
forum as an exclusive there after I had re-designed 
the site & the forum. I had made some of the papers,
etc. just for that purpose but never got the kit made
until a couple weeks ago. I added to it & made it special for
my CT girls so they can have something special
& rare. =)

And I also made my guitar, Sally 
(the one Jenny pulls from my Pink'd kit all the time)
available to them as well:
So far 2 of my members have it.
Over on the right I have a list of who has
a special license from me to use this in their kits.
So if you see the guitar in kits from those people,
they DO have permission from me & they do
have a license for it. ;)

And that was mainly the purpose of this post-
so everyone knows a few people do have that item 
of mine & that they have permissions.
Jenny Pierce is not one of those people,
nor will she ever be. 

Thank you for reading. =)


15 March, 2014

Wall Of Shame Post- Jenny's Designz

Unless you've been living under a rock the past year,
you are probably aware of 2 past issues I've had
 with Jenny's Designz  (aka Jenny Pierce)
ripping from my FTU Pink'd kit
to make kits of her own.

The other night I found yet another (gasp!) 
kit of hers where she ripped from my kit again.
Again, you ask. Yes, again. *sigh*

Now at first I thought maybe she just
 made the one kit FTU & posted on her blog.
Nope. That isn't the case. >.<

The name of the first kit from Jenny was Burlesque Gurl.
The second kit I found my items in was named
Linda's Emo Music- a kit I had to BUY to see
if my items were in it like I'd seen on a CT tag.
Mind, I was never reimbursed for that blastin' kit.

No, this third kit has a different name- Emo Bad Gurl, 
which you can find in a list of links, here
(UPDATE- Jenny has removed the post & her C-box from her blog).
I encourage you download the kit, open my Pink'd kit 
& compare the items. Then, click on the properties of 
the similar items & look at the creation dates. 
The creation date is June 18, 2012 on both.

When I made the Pink'd kit originally, it was on that date.
It WAS a PTU kit & had gone into the ART store on
20, June 2012, as you can see on this post.
I made the kit FTU in Apr. of last year. See here.

Now, on a side note, the creation date of her preview 
for this kit is ‎Thursday, ‎May ‎02, ‎2013... 
so how in the HELL can she have items 
dating back older than that creation date?
You know what, while you're looking at the 
properties of her elements, are you noticing 
that other items have an older creation date?
This is because she is RIPPING everyone's kits!!!

At this point I can't even say if I'm mad,
frustrated, or what. I really don't know.
BUT! I am considering making a tally on my blog
of just how many kits she's made with items
from my Pink'd kit in it. 
I swear she LOVES using that kit. =/

And I also know this- if she has downloaded 
ANY of my Commercial Use items from my blog,
her license to use them is REVOKED.
Yes, Jenny that means you need to delete ANYTHING
you have gotten from my blog.
You do NOT have permission to use anything from me.

Once a thief, always a thief.
As for those of you who wish to
continue supporting her- just... why?

And one last thing...
Yes, I'm going to continue to watch her.
Yes, I'll keep calling her out on her ripping kits. 
Maybe one day we can all hope she'll actually stop.

Tag Showoff Using Spring Into Easter Collab

Mystical Scraps has this awesome, gorgeous collab
in the store, named Spring Into Easter, which you can find here.

Not only does this collab have some stellar 
CU items in it, but it also has equally amazing kits.
Some of which I had to play with. =)

Below is my tags I've made 'so far' with the collab.

This first tag is Stu's (of Creative Crazy Scraps) portion:

I also had a play with Anna's Attic's kit:

And here's another tag with a kit from Cindy's Creative Designs:

And another using Scrapping with Lil Ole Me's kit:

And one more from Made By Justine:

There's more beautiful kits in this collab.
I am planning on tagging them as well & of course,
I'll be posting them on my blog also. ;)

Thank you for looking. =)

Be sure to stop by Mystical Scraps & pick up the collab. ;)


13 March, 2014

Tag Haven's March Blog Train Is Taking Off

Choo Choo!!
I always wanted to do that at least once. =P
Again, I am very happy to be a part of 
this fab blog train. =)

This month's theme is Leprechaun Spring
& Cupcake Dreams & there's a lot of goodies 
to grab from all the talented participants.
...So make sure to visit all the stops
& leave lots of love for the goodies. ;)

If you get lost along the way, you can always
go the train station here:
Tag Haven's Leprechaun Spring Blog Train

Let's get this train rollin', shall we?

This is my goodie of the train for you.
I went more with the Leprechaun Spring part,
but there's a couple delicious cupcakes in it as well.=P

My kit is Personal Use only.
Please don't share. Just direct people here, please.
You can grab my kit here:

Make sure you visit all the stops!! =)
We all are in different time zones, so if 
one stop isn't posted yet, try back a little later.;)

Enjoy the goodies. =)


08 March, 2014

FTU- CU- Okay Bubble Frame Template

It's been a while since I've offered any CU goodies on my blog,
so thought I'd post a little something for you. ;)

When making my Spring Fling kit, 
I made this frame since I was thinking of
bubble blowing, thus the name of the frame,
and how it looks... which may be a bit 'funky'. LOL

Anyhow I tried to make this as
big as I possibly could for those who prefer 
a full-sized frame, so I hope it's big enough:
The frame itself measures 1168 X 1156 px.
The template comes with shaded, unshaded &
 glass layers & is in PSD format so it should open
in any program. ;)

There are also 2 sample frames included in the 
zipfile for you. ;)

You can download this from me here:

I hope you can make use of it. =)
As always, your comments are very much
appreciated. =)


04 March, 2014

New Kit In Stores- Spring Fling

Good evening.

I'm not sure about some of you but I am so
beyond ready for Spring. This Winter has been awful. 

And because of that, I guess you could say I
have a bit of Spring Fever, which has
prompted me to make my first Spring
kit for this year. =)

Spring Fling is a pretty Spring kit in lovely pastels 
to capture the freshness & beauty of Spring. 
With 12 papers, 55 elements & 6 frames in lilac, 
light blue, luscious green & soft yellow & pink, you're sure 
to make that perfect Spring tag. =)

You can find this in all 3 stores I sell in, 
located over there on the right. ;)

I enjoy seeing your creations with my kits.
You can send them to me at:
(remove the brackets in my email.)

02 March, 2014

One More Batch of CT Tags

I have just one more batch of CT tags to show off.
In order to keep my posts from being too long,
 I have tried to  group them by theme. LOL

These tags were made by my girls using 
pretty much any of my kits. For the most part.

Let's get to it.

This first tag was made by Tragedy
& it is a stellar tag. She used my Steam Punk'd kit:
She has a wicked tutorial here for you to try.

The next few tags were made using my Pynk Panther kit.

This first beautiful tag comes from Ruth:

Corinna made me these cute tags:

She also has 2 sets of extras for you on her blog, here.

The next few tags were made using my Faerie Fantasy kit.

This first adorable tag comes from Ruth:
Belinda made this gorgeous tag:
She also has a tutorial for you here to try.

Corinna made me these beautiful tags:

She also has 2 sets of extras & a cluster frame
for you to snag from her blog here.

And I have these beautiful tags from Kelly:

Anna made this awesome tag with my FTU Emo Glam kit:
You can check out her tutorial here.

And last but not least,
Corinna made me these awesome tags,
using my W.L.S.T.D (When Love Starts To Die) kit:

She also has a couple set of extras for you,
that you can snag here.

Thank you again for looking. =)

Please stop by these lovely ladies' blogs. ;)

Thank you for my wonderful tags, Sweeties. =)


More CT Tags- St. Patrick's Day & Mardi Gras

I have another batch of CT tags to get posted.
Yes, I'm that far behind. LOL

So. let's get to it! =P

This first batch of tags were made
using my Irish Charm kit.

This first stunning tag comes from Tragedy:
You can find her tutorial here on her blog.

This next beautiful tag comes from Belinda:
She has a tutorial here for you to check out.

Corinna made me these 2 awesome tags:

She has 2 sets of extras you can snag, here.

Ruth made me this lovely tag:

This next set of tags were made with my Carnival kit.
Here's the first awesome tag, from Tragedy:
She has a stellar tutorial for you here.

Belinda made an equally awesome tag:
She has a lovely tutorial for you here on her blog.

Jeannine made me this hot tag:
She has an awesome tutorial for you here.

And last but not least, I had gotten this tag from Callie:
She also has a stunning tutorial for you here.

Thank you for looking. =)

Thank you, Sweeties for all my fab tags.

Be sure to stop by my CT Members' blogs.
Try a tutorial or simply just be inspired. ;)