27 June, 2014

Spoiling More of My CT/ Kit Showoff

I have posted before how I tend to make
exclusive kits for my Creative Team.
And a while back I also posted some
kits I made for my CT members.
This is another batch of kits
I've made for a few more of my 
CT members.

A while back, I made a document
in my CT Group for my Team Members 
to fill out, describing themselves in a few words.
I gave them an example (mine) on what to do.
Mine was heartagrams, HIM, pink, black, goth, music.
So, they replied or edited the document 
describing themselves for me.
They did not know I had a plan up my sleeve. =P

That plan was to make them all
their own 'unique' custom kits based on the 
information they supplied.

These kits are one-of-a-kind
& will not be avail. for free or for sale.
However, I am allowing them to share
the kit with up to 5 friends, if they so choose.

These are the newest ones 
I have made for a few more members.
Here they are. They are named after the
members they now belong to:

Robyne is no longer on my team, but she had
filled out the document so I wanted to make her a kit, anyway.

I have a few more members to make kits for.
Two of the members were newly added today.
But in time I'll get a kit made for them.

Thank you for looking. =)


17 June, 2014

Magik's Tag Show Offs

It's that time again...

Some of you may know that at times I do CT 
my own kits, because:
#1- My CT isn't huge nor do I want it to be.
#2 I think it's good to know your own kits
& also show others that you're making kits that
you- yourself are happy to use as well. =P

Anyway, these are the tags I've made 
the past few weeks using my own kits.
Some are HIM tags, just so you know. =P

It goes without saying to not take these tags
& alter/ change them nor claim them as your own.
Also, please do not try to recreate them without my permission.
These are only examples of my own work, only.
Thank you for understanding my rules about my tags. =)

To start off, I made a couple tags with
my Bitches Be Trippin' kit:

These next four tags were made using my 
Join Me In Death kit:

Now, I did make a 3rd tag with that kit & I used
a template from Kristin of Toxic Desirez:

And here's the fourth tag:

The next tags were made with my 
Fancy My Booty? kit:

Just kind of playing I made this tag
with my old Swag Alley Blues kit:

And this last tag (I have a set of extras I'll post later)
was made with my Yo Ho Ho kit:

Thank you so much for looking. =)


14 June, 2014

New Kit In Stores- 'Join Me In Death' Completely Revamped: Bigger And Better

My first PTU HIM-spired kit was my Join Me kit.
That kit was intended to be a forum kit
but instead it was one of my first kits to 
go into the ART store when it first opened.
Last year I discontinued that kit for good.
As much as I loved the kit, I wasn't 100%
satisfied with it. 

Well, this kit is a complete 'overhaul' of that kit.
It's bigger, better & is more or less what I really wanted that
kit to be.  =)

This kit is packed with 30 papers, 130 elements & 8 frames
in the same colour palette as the original- 
which is in pinks & charcoal blacks.
Of course, like all my other HIM-spired kits,
half of all profits from this kit will be going to the band. =)

You can find this kit at Mystical Scraps

If you bought the original Join Me kit,
I have a 'deal' for you to get this one for free:

For the next couple weeks- until June 28th,
if you send me an email with a copy of 
your store receipt of your purchase of the original 
Join Me kit from the following stores: 
PFD, ART, Scrapalicious or Mystical Scraps-
I will send this kit to you in email.
Put 'Join Me kit' in the subject line so I know. ;)
You can send them to me at:
(remove the brackets in my email.)

*I can NOT accept 'purchases' from store CTs,
since those kits were technically 'free' to you. Sorry.

Also, I ask that you please be patient with me since it might
 take me a few days to reply since I'm in the middle
of changing internet providers & waiting for 
them to get me hooked up. BUT!
I will get the kit sent out to you as soon as I can.

As always, I love seeing your creations with my kits.
You can send them to me at the same email 
I have posted above. ;)


Thrifty Scraps Exclusive- Gone Fishin'

About a month ago or so, I made this kit.
I thought it was a cute & 'sweet' idea for a kit
& I hope you think so too.

Gone Fishin' is a great little kit with
10 papers, 50 elements & 5 frames
in yellows, blues, greens & browns.
You can only find this kit at Thrifty Scraps.

Of course, I love seeing your creations with my kits.
You can send them to me at:
(remove the brackets in my email.)

New Kit In Stores- Independence Day

I have a new kit in my stores for you.

Independence Day is a wonderful patriotic kit 
for celebrating the red, white & blue 
& it's perfect for your July 4th taggies. 
This kit is filled with 12 papers, 60 elements & 6 frames
 in reds, white & blues. 
You can find this kit in all my stores,
located over there on the right. ;)

Of course, I love seeing your creations with my kits.
You can send them to me at:
(remove the brackets in my email.)

Tag Haven's Fight Like A Girl May Blog Train

Hello. I know I'm about a month late 
on getting my part of this awesome blog train posted,
but between health issues, helping my oldest daughter move
& changing of internet service (which I'm still waiting to do),
I wasn't able to get this posted sooner. =/
I'm very truly sorry for that. 

Anyhow, I hope you'll be able to make use of this kit 
& have hopefully stopped by the other blogs for
the goodies from the other talented designers.

So let's get my caboose rolling, shall we?
...Of course, if you haven't
visited the stops yet & get lost, you can always go
back to the train station here:
Tag Haven Blog Train

This is my goodie of the train for you.
My kit is Personal Use only.
Please don't share. Just direct people here, please.
You can grab my kit here:

Make sure you visit all the stops if you haven't yet. =)

 Manipulated By Magik (You are here) 
Enjoy the kit & all the goodies. =)