13 December, 2014

Semi- Retiring

Some people already know this, 
however I thought it was time to
post the news for all to know:

As of Jan. 1st, 2015, I will be 
semi-retiring from kit making.

After a lot of thought the past few 
months, I have decided that this is the 
best decision for me.

After the end of this month, 
my kits will no longer be at PFD or 
Thrifty Scraps. I have already pulled 
all but five of my kits from PFD,
and they are now only avail. at
Mystical Scraps.

There's many reasons for my decision
to quit making kits. 
None that I wish to bore you with. LOL
But one of the main reasons for me 
quitting is because I miss the 'old' me-
the one who had time to support & promote
a band I love & the person who was able 
to fully dedicate herself to her site for that band.

At times I will make a FTU kit for the blog
for those of you who follow 
and at times make an exclusive kit
for Mystical Scraps.
... And maybe make some kits for various collabs
or charities. So, I'm not going away completely-
I'm just not going to be making many kits

Because of this, I have removed all but three 
members from my Creative Team & won't be
having any more CT Calls, etc. 
Though on occasion I might
look for someone to Guest CT a kit. ;)

With a heavy heart I must say a huge thank you
to Shani for having me at the Thrifty Scraps store. 
I really appreciate the opportunity to be there & 
will miss being part of the group. =)
However, I know you'll all do great & I wish 
you all nothing but the best now & into the future. =)

I also would like to thank members of my CT
for putting up with me, even until the end:
Kelly, Corinna, Angyy, Alisha, Christie & Celine.
I know you girls will do awesome in the future & 
I wish you all nothing but the best. =)

And of course, I want to thank Belinda, Jeannine &
Tragedy for staying with me the longest &
continuing to remain on my CT even if I may
not make many kits for them. LOL 

Thank you to all of you who have
left sweet comments on my blog or on my posts
in the FB groups where I've advertised.
I appreciate your kindness so very much.

And to any of you who have bought 
at least one of my kits-
Thank you so very much for your support.

Take care & I wish you all a merry & bright
Holiday Season! =)


New Kit Only At Mystical Scraps- Beary Merry Christmas

I am back online after moving.
And I have a new kit in the
Mystical Scraps store for you.
This is my last Christmas kit for this year.
...And probably my last kit for this year.
Beary Merry Christmas is an adorable 
Holiday kit for some truly stunning 
& cute Christmas tags. =)
This kit is packed with 100 elements, 
15 papers & 6 frames in greens, 
reds and yellows. 
You can find this kit only at Mystical Scraps, here.
I enjoy seeing your creations with my kits.
You can send them to me at:
(remove the brackets in my email.)