12 January, 2019

Manipulated By Magik Shop Is Closed...

It's been quite a while since I've posted.
I'm hoping this finds you all well.

As you can see by the title of this post,
my 'Manipulated By Magik' site is closing...
err will be closed very soon. 

The store itself is completely gone 
& any members who were there have been removed.

This doesn't mean I'm re-tiring or quitting. ;)
It just means I'm working on something-
I'm re-doing my old 'HIM-Addicts'
site & transforming it into a
'Manipulated By Magik' site.
The reason being that I pay for both sites....
however, my old HIM-Addicts site
has more features that were grandfathered in
that the MBM site didn't have.
...And with HIM being split up
for the past year, now- it just made
more sense to close the MBM site & move it to
my site that has all the features I'd want it to have. =)

So, I'll be back soon.
I've been working on transforming the site 
as much as time allows. 

I'm hoping to have my shop re-opened in a week or two-
and I will have some new kits I've made
but never released. =P

In the meantime, you can check out a little bit 
of my progress here:

At this point, I'm not sure if
I'll be able to change the url or not.
I'm hoping I can once I discontinue the current MBM site.
So, for now, that's the url...
until further notice. =P

*Much of the site is currently for 'Members Only'.
Some of the site will go public in time,
such as the shop. ;)

Thank you for reading. =)
Take care of yourselves & behave. =P